About Me

My name is Nicholas Blasquez. My hobbies are passionate rants, staring blankly into space, attempts at wellness, dogs, books, kettlebells, existential crisis(s), and talking to strangers about feelings and conspiracies.

I get my kicks exploring the (inner) world around me, chatting with folks about their unforgettable experiences. Their fringe passions. The strange stand-out events branded on their soul. Their thoughts on God being an octopus….

I’ve reached a point in my life where I truly believe that anything is possible in this world. But truth is unknowable (for now!) so I’ve shifted my attention to people’s own truths. Their realities. Because it’s important and fascinating and we’ve all got valuable stories to share.

I am always learning neat stuff and I like reporting my findings back to the mothership.

Besides interviewing, I like writing horror fiction about people being eaten by things: animals, monsters, personal demons, each other. Stories centered on those days when life falls apart and reality bites back. It’s people encountering a day so completely batshit crazy that any notion of normal becomes something dead in the street left for the crows….

….It’s where I explore my inner-lunatic from the safety and comfort of a notebook. I’ve been published in Dark Gothic Resurrected, Vaulted Tails, Asylum Ink, Sanitarium Magazine, and Grinning Skull Press.

Nice to meet you explorer and welcome to my digital headspace. I hope you brought a machete because it’s a jungle in here.

With love and loathing,

Nicholas R. Blasquez
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