Therapeutic Writing Guidance

…a written journey down the rabbit hole of your psyche

I believe writing unleashes the soul.
Writing is a refuge. The road back home. A candle and a mirror to show us the deepest unknown places within. It’s also how we reach others in a way that matters. A way that rings true.

-Nicholas B

This is where you do the writing. Where we work together to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter as Don Henley would say….

This isn’t generic journaling, because nothing about your experience is generic. It’s soul-searching with a flask of holy water, a dented buck knife, and your favorite snugly blanket.

The past can hurt. It can hurt so bad. Because it’s a scared feral creature that needs to be released.

Talking to people helps, in the moment anyway. But writing it out helps, internally, transformatively.

I say let it hurt. Let it bleed. Then turn that anguish into something useful. Taking steps to calm the storm changes everything.

This is guided writing to tame the beasts inside. Let’s turn the lights on and discover there’s nothing under the bed. The closest is empty. That creepy shadow? Just a pile of dirty laundry.

When your buried pain sees the light of day it changes things. It makes some space for you to let in light and start living as Spirit and Mother Nature intended.

But it’s more.

It’s about reconnecting with yourself and finding your voice. Speaking your truth. Inspiring others through the power of your stories and the bravery of facing your demons head on and coming out stronger and more compassionate.

It’s opening the lid of that dusty strongbox-of-the-heart and giving it some air. Making room for the good stuff.

The good stuff. Yep. That’s worth exploring too. I’ll help you create a blog. I’ll work with you on important themes. I’ll set you a writing schedule with personalized prompts. I’ll get you plugged into a supportive community. Or we can start simpler. A phone call and a therapeutic writing action plan. What matters is getting started.

If this sounds important and scary and you’d like to learn more, let’s chat. Disclaimer: I’m flying by the seat of my pants on this one. It’s uncharted territory but I can definitely help shake things up if you’re ready.

I’m not charging for this, it’s just a passion of mine. But I’m open to interesting trades because I’m a treasure hunting pirate at heart.

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